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410                                iLJFE or
Witzleben        silent,        his majestv said to him,
" What think yon F
Witcleben.—"Tie minister Ton Hmnboldt3 Is, in
my opinion, the only one properly qualified ; but if
your majesty        not- the entire confidence in him
without -which lie could not fulfil the important duties
of such a position, 1 would, at least, humbly suggest
that he be made president of the council of state, and
member of the ministry, and that Count Lotttun be
president of the minisny.^
iŁ 2\a that will not do,'"* replied the Mug; i; the two
posts cannot be separated.""
Prince  von Wittgenstein.—"Count  Lottum is  a
very sensible man, and has very conciliatory manners/*
2; 7*e Ki'Ttg.—" But whether he will have the neces-
sary energy to insist wherever it is requisite, is another
question, and the only objection I feel to him/*
Prince Wittgenstein.—" He certainly is weak.55
The Ming.—" But I know of none other/'
The king is then         to have enumerated  all Ms
ministers, ably characterizing each one, "Witzieben
again spoke in favour of Humbol&t, and of the just
views lie always had on the state of afiairs.
TMs conversation shows that it was principally con-
sideration for foreign countries^ and? as we shall sub-
sequently prove,, for Russia, wMdi prevented HtnQr-
appointment as prime minister of
Geneiral "Witzieben principally supported  him.
We         previously mentioned that Witzieben was a
andsuppcffter of Saxnboldt, and had frequently
to         for Ms opinion in difficult matters; it
is                              that lie should take this oppor-
tunity of               in his favcrar, azid wish him, whose
Bdiaci                      lie   so admired^  to   be placed  at
the          of
Witzieben                      opportunity of insisting" on
the merits of Humlmldty when the Mug submitted to
Ms ministers                         of improvement m the
m           made by the